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Ayurvedic Tips to Strengthen Immunity

How to properly and easily support your immunity?

According to Ayurveda, our defenses are our energy shield, which is formed by a gradual process of metabolism, where the necessary substances from our daily diet gradually nourish the seven body tissues that make up our body. In them, a subtle energetic substance is formed, which in Ayurveda is called ojas and which is responsible for the overall vitality, strength, resilience and immunity of the body. Provides active protection against viruses, bacteria and infections.

7 Tips on How to Strengthen Immunity and Support the Proper Formation of Ojas:

1) In the morning after waking up, regularly drink warm water with lemon, in the evening before going to bed also and you can also add honey. Warm water has detoxifying effects, so your body naturally gets rid of toxins and relieves the intestines, liver and lymph nodes.

2) The traditional Ayurvedic proverb says that your diet can also be your medicine. In cold weather, drink warm liquids, use spices that have warming and disinfecting effects (ginger, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, …) and avoid cooling foods and herbs (dairy products, raw vegetables, mint …)

3) If you have a cold, start with a short fasting first. When you feel that you have a cold, it is best to fast half a day so that the body can digest the bacteria and mucus that form in the stomach, because the cold begins in a clogged stomach and from there spreads up into the airways, throat and cavities. Support digestion with ginger tea or hot Amla with ginger.

4) Use the traditional Ayurvedic elixir Chyawanprash to replenish your energy and strengthen your overall ojas - the thousand-year-old recipe contains, in addition to dozens of medicinal herbs, also ghee and honey. It nourishes all seven body tissues, harmonizes digestion and the cardiovascular system. It is prepared from amla - a fruit rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

5) Also clear your mind. Excess and unhealthy thoughts take energy and weaken the physical body. In the morning, before leaving the house and in the evening before going to bed, try to close your eyes and breathe consciously for 5 minutes. Focus on the life energy that comes with every breath. With each exhalation, try to feel that you are getting rid of fatigue. This strengthens your willpower and ability to concentrate.

6) In your free time, stop, relax and don't talk unnecessarily - relax your body and mind.

7) And most importantly be happy!

„A cheerful mind has always been a perfect guide to a healthy body.“ - Sri Chinmoy

Ayurvedic Therapies to Strengthen Immunity in Respiratory Diseases and Infections

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